About Us

Who we are?

We are an organization dedicated to educational design. We work with education providers: organizations, foundations, companies, districts, networks, schools, and individuals to help them achieve their learning objectives and strengthen their educational structures. We design creative and innovative educational solutions for our clients context, needs and requirements.

What we do?

Our primary aim is to use our expertise to help you achieve learning objectives and strengthen educational structures for your students, project, program, school, organization or community.

How we work?

Our work approach is participatory, systematic and impact-oriented. The methodology that we use to develop educational content contains the following phases:


outcomes and objectives based on your specific needs and goals.


the right people and ideas based on the objectives. We use our network, expertise and accumulated knowledge and experience.


and create the product or service. We share with you the work-plan or work sample. Based on your feedback, we either proceed or review the draft.


the product or the service and deliver the deliverables of our partnership.


the work. Depending on the partnership, we will either implement the project or support your team in doing so.


regularly to ensure that the product/service achieve the intended outcomes.