Entrepreneurship’s FUTURE is green and digital


Our aim

Developing green and digital competences

FUTURE project aims at developing green and digital competences to youth workers and youth (especially NEETs, unemployed, low-skilled) in order to increase their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, but also their employability changes. Through this project we will be creating educational and training activities to target the development of green, digital and entrepreneurial skills, with a special focus on the innovative solutions for creating sustainable and environmentally friendly enterprises. By creating an entrepreneurial coaching platform, a Toolkit to create Green and Digital Business plans and implementing a training course and a piloting plan, we will provide the needed educational resources to youth workers to implement them in their daily work with youth that need to improve their readiness and capacity to be able to integrate in the labour market.

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○ Create educational tools to promote the development of competences according to Entrecomp, Greencomp and Digcomp

○ Provide youth workers tools to work with youth on the development of green and digital entrepreneurial solution 

○ Develop green and digital competences of both youth workers and youth

○ Foster youth employment, by capacitating them with the required competencies by the current labour market