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Raising awareness of European rights for a progressive and transformative Europe

Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV) | 101091153

Our aim

Debate for the future

PROGRESS_EU aims to give focus to the debate for the future of Europe, where young people are the main actors of change. The following initiative aims to investigate the functioning of the European Union, through the promotion of rights and values with the objective that citizenship and youth as the main target group have all the necessary elements to be active agents in their respective societies.

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To increase the awareness of citizens, in particular young people, of their rights and values as European citizens enshrined in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Union.

〇 To promote youth participation through the promotion of the participative society model.

〇 To diminish the feeling of Euro-scepticism that exists in a large part of European regions.

〇 The promotion of new youth-led proposals where the future of Europe is debated.

During the project there will be organised 8 thematic transnational events aimed to directly involve more than 400 participants and indirectly more than 25.000 citizens.

Progress EU