Solidaritown - Solidarity Across Towns

Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)


About the project

Solidarity Across Towns is a pioneering initiative aimed at promoting cultural diversity and solidarity values across Europe, with a special focus on the rich tapestry of Christmas traditions that define the continent and resonate globally. Partnering with eight distinct European towns, the Cities Christmas Network launches a comprehensive 24-month work plan dedicated to exploring and fostering solidarity across Europe.

Our aim


The project's primary objective is to celebrate and showcase the unique Christmas traditions from each participating town, highlighting how these customs contribute to the collective identity of Europe and extend beyond its borders. By organizing eight international events, one for each project partner, Solidarity Across Towns intends to directly engage over 600 participants and indirectly reach more than 25,000 individuals.

Our focus

Target audience

The target audience for Solidarity Across Towns includes not only participants directly involved in the project, such as representatives from partner towns, local organizations, and youth groups, but also broader communities and individuals across Europe who will be reached through various dissemination activities, including media coverage, online platforms, and public events associated with the project. By engaging diverse audiences and fostering cross-cultural dialogue, Solidarity Across Towns aims to strengthen bonds of solidarity and cooperation among European communities while promoting understanding and appreciation of Europe's cultural heritage.

Our movement


Each international event will serve as a platform to promote solidarity, connecting it with other pressing European challenges such as sustainable development, human rights, green transition, and peace. Through workshops, seminars, cultural exchanges, and collaborative projects, participants will delve into the interconnectedness of solidarity with broader societal issues, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility across Europe.